Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ABDC: boogie bots

I think my obsession with America's Best Dance Crew lies in the fact that I ain't got rhythm. I know nothing about music beyond my inability to identify separate notes and to clap on beat (whatever that is). And in very many ways, I'm the jerk that hates rap music, hates bass, and hates bump-and-grind dance moves. But I love ABDC anyway. These groups are beyond impressive - although I'm sure something that seems difficult to me is quite easy for them. In Season 1, this show brought us JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba-Modern, two innovative groups that blew me away... to a point that my students would stay with me after class so we could look the previous shows up on youtube (which is no longer possible). I do wonder, though, what do the winners actually win? They don't go on tour or get a deal with a label (like on American Idol), so how do I get to see them again? Well, Season 1's winner - JabbaWockeeZ - made a nice little commercial for Season 2...

And this will do... for now. But Jabba needs to go on tour. So I can clap awkwardly to their master beats. Anonymously. From a distance. Perhaps wearing a mask as well.

So who were my favorite groups from the Season 2 casting special? Both of my favorite teams have the wittiest names of the bunch (with references to the greatest decade ever, of course)... oh, and their dancing is pretty good too. Boogie Bots takes the top honor, with Fanny Pak receiving the coveted I-Wish-I-Were-You honor. Boogie Bots had all the right dance moves - they were tight and hit their marks in unison; they isolated individuals; and they had personality. See? Aren't they cute? And beyond their name (which they attribute to Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s like Transformers), they actually listened to the judges. Which means... I am predicting they will be in the top three groups. They're clean and they care. That's the formula for winning my heart.

As for my other favorite group... oh, Fanny Pak. You are ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. They will not survive for very long, but they know how to dress, how to impress, and how to press their hair. The whole robotic look is apparently out of style (who knew something so classic wasn't actually timeless?), but I love it and will always prefer it to the Look-Ma-I'm-Having-Sex-On-The-Dance-Floor-And-All-Body-Parts-Are-Hanging-Loose dance moves. I shudder at the mental image. I'm going to enjoy this group while they last. And I really loved their spokesperson for saying, "The 80s were unapologetic and so are we!" That's what I like to hear.

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