Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bad actors with one good role

The Movie Blog posted a hysterical article about actors who fooled you into thinking they could act. This is SUCH a good list, and I agree with everyone on the list, including some of the suggestions in the comments, like Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Katie Holmes, and Nicolas Cage (who I consider to be the worst actor EVER; it's worse when they're dramatic actors who take their roles seriously and still suck).

I would definitely add Lindsey Lohan to the bunch. She was great in The Parent Trap, but she was a kid. People need to stop hiring her so she will go away! And she can take her craptastic leggings with her.

P.S. I seriously dislike Cage. What did he ever give us but pouty faces and a mouth that barely moves? City of Angels (such a horrible remake). National Treasure (I pretend like this movie and its sequel were never made).


Samir said...

Raising Arizona and Matchstick Men are both ace.

And I love both National Treasures, but that might be harder to defend. Same for Con Air and The Rock.

If not *good*, then at least Cage is eminently watchable, which puts him above the plenty of downright bad actors out there.

That's what I think, anyway.

keyser soze said...

The movies are watchable, I will agree with that. And Con Air is actually fun, but I give those props to Malkovich and not Cage.

And I think Cage is on par with - wait for it - Keanu Reeves. One-note performances... occasionally in decent movies...

Goddessdster said...

I have to admit I have a thing for Keanu, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with his acting ability (such as it is), and there are very few of his movies I would see more than once.

Nicholas Cage's hairpiece scares me. I miss Raising Arizona Cage. He has become a parody of himself.