Saturday, June 14, 2008

cylon creation questions

I'm a bit fuzzy about the biological makeup of Cylons and, more importantly, how they were created. And I'm sure that this will all be answered in the spin-off Caprica, but I have these questions now... so if anyone has any answers, I'd appreciate it.

1. Who created the skinjobs? Was it the centurions, or was there a human helping them evolve? Or was there a mediator race, created by man but who then revolted and developed the seven skinjobs? Specifically, I'm wondering if the Final Five were the original Cylon skinjobs who created the other seven models...
2. So Cylons have fully functional reproductive organs? Tyrol has functioning sperm... Athena has functioning eggs... how can synthetic sperm/eggs function?
3. How is Tigh able to reproduce with Caprica Six? Do the Cylon reproductive rules not apply to him (perhaps because his DNA makeup is different from the other seven models?), or was the Cylon-on-Cylon baby created through Love still, since Tigh thought he was having relations with Ellen?
4. How would the seven models not know who the other five are? And why wouldn't they be able to talk about them? It seems like the Cylons have a mysterious creator that is even mysterious to them... and it's not God. It's someone that programmed them to be a certain way (such as a human creator modeling them after 12 archetypal characters).
5. Why isn't there another evolution of models? Why procreate naturally? Why is there this pressure, this insistence on naturally having children? What's wrong with the Cylons continuing to evolve, to enhance and improve their race?
6. Where did the Cylons get their concept of God? Again, possibly from a human creator? And if there is a human creator, how did the creator know to have so many resurrection ships? There's hundreds of thousands of Cylons. Was the creator planning on Cylons being the next evolution of man - a la the Übermensch from Thus Spake Zarathustra?
7. Oh... and how can Tigh be as old as he is and still be a Cylon? I mean, he fought in the first Cylon War... before they went away and evolved, before they were anything but toasters.

Battlestar is a pretty consistent show, despite things being fleshed out as the narrative progresses (like in Season 1, the writers didn't know until halfway through that Sharon was seeking out Helo on Caprica in order to produce a child). But that's just as well; in fact, I prefer the writers to not know (unless, of course, we're talking about Lost - I'm bitter, get over it). The writers have developed the stories with the characters and in conjunction with the characters' developments. It's a circular way of writing that I appreciate, rather than a "Here is the plot, so this character has to say this line of exposition, even though it's entirely uncharacteristic of them." And because the show is so consistent, I have faith in Ron Moore and the writers, in their intelligence, in their ability to fully create an imaginary world. (I know they have the answers to my questions.) If there are holes, they will be minor ones.

I don't mind waiting for the answers... but it doesn't mean I won't still wonder about the full mechanics of Cylon birth and resurrection...

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