Thursday, June 12, 2008

emmy ballot

This year's official Emmy ballot has been released. A few thoughts:

* I'm excited to see that Jemaine Clement is nominated for Best Actor for the side-splitting Flight of the Conchords, but isn't it a bit like Larry David being nominated as "himself"? How much acting is really going on? Alec Baldwin deserves to win again this year. And Patrick Dempsey is nominated for Grey's Anatomy? To use Shonda Rimes's word: Seriously? Also, I hope Emily Deschanel (Bones) wins for Lead Actress in a Drama. She can do comedy and drama better than anyone.

* If genre definitions are fading/blurring/becoming extinct, shouldn't genres be left out of the category? Entourage and Chuck as comedies? They both have pretty dramatic elements, so perhaps the category should be "Best Primarily Comedy Series" and Eli Stone can be nominated for "Best For-The-Most-Part Drama Series." In fact, I think David Boreanaz should be nominated as Agent Seely Booth for "Best Comedic Actor;" his show may be dramatic, but his character is hell-arious.

* Why are Josh Malina, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Chad Michael Murray, Zac Efron, Anna Friel, or Teri Hatcher even on the list? And short-lived Big Shots and Miss Guided are on the list...? And why is Nathan Fillion (as much as I love him) a Supporting Actor and not a Guest Star for Desperate Housewives?

* BATTLESTAR LOVE: Edward James Olmos is nominated (perhaps as the first atheist character to ever be nominated?), as is his other half, Mary McDonnell. (Note: Season 4's Mid-Season Finale airs tomorrow at 10pm on Sci-Fi!)

* I heart Adam Baldwin. He's why I watch Chuck (like with the "intimate moments" scene). Give him the Most Awesomest Awesome that Ever Awesomed Award. Also, Neil Flynn steals every scene he's in, so give him proper credit. Although Justin Kirk was pretty fantastic on Weeds... as was Jack McBrayer on 30 Rock... oh, no. This one's a tough call, but I really, really heart Adam Baldwin.

* Will Arnett should win for his guest spot on 30 Rock (his short robe should win its own award), and I do hope Kristin Chenoweth wins.

* How is the Special Series Finale of Extras in the Miniseries or Movie category?


Marjorie said...

Great to see Jemaine nominated as well, although I would say that it's probably as difficult -- if not more so -- to play oneself as it is to play someone else. (Ever see the film adaptation of Mark Salzman's memoir Iron and Silk? Salzman plays himself in the film, and, well, as much as I love him as a writer, he didn't really blow me away as an actor.

In addition does anyone who doesn't know Clement personally really know what he's like off-camera? My understanding is that the character he plays in FOTC, the live shows, and others is that he's exactly that, a character. His comic timing is exquisite, and his facial expressions -- even the subtlest ones -- convey tons of meaning. Difficult to pass that off, especially if you're assuming that he's "playing himself."


keyser soze said...

Hmm... you do pose an interesting point. And I must concede, since I've only seen Jemaine in interviews with Kristin del Santos from E! He's very subdued and completely different than his character on FotC.

What is identity anyway? If I didn't know FotC was a fictional comedy, I would only know of Jemaine the person (neither as an actor or a character), and perhaps that's how the Emmy voters should judge the nominees. Not through similarities or differences, but in - well - did the character come across? Is Rainn Wilson less praise-worthy as Dwight just because he's funny outside the boob tube? The fact that I forget the presence of the camera on FotC (despite its many reminders that there is one and that the image is mediated before it reaches me) is worth further consideration for the actors on the show.