Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ew: the cliff's notes of entertainment magazines

Matt over at Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago wrote:

TO: EDITORS OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Sirs, if I wanted to read a magazine with random portions in reviews in bold to emphasize their importance and which begins each review section with large print telling you what's reviewed, which reduces substantial story to purportedly user-friendly infographics that actually convey no information, and which relegates the George Carlin memorial (by Chris Rock no less!) to way in the back of the book in the "TV" section, rather than with the rest of the "married/birth/engaged" materials, I'd read Us Weekly or People. Please give me back my EW. Thanks.

Ha, I wrote EW a similar email (which might be published, whoo!), although mine was much meaner and called them the Cliff's Notes of entertainment magazines. I'm glad I'm not the only one that recognizes EW is supporting the dumbing down of American readers. Seriously, what is the point of forcing me to skim three-paragraph articles?

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