Monday, July 28, 2008

tv roundup

Project Runway, Episode 2. Wow, these designers are really boring. For this environmentally-friendly challenge, the models were asked to pick up the fabric, and I really don't understand why a) the models got materials that were either an unflattering color or an impossible fabric or b) why multiple models got the same horrible brown satin fabric. Look at the picture; there are three caramel brown satin cocktail dresses. They all look similar, and they all look horrible. Wouldn't models understand what colors and fabrics look good on them? The winner of this challenge was Suede (bottom, middle), and no one who talks in third person or have the name Suede should ever win. Anything. Not even radio call-in contests. My favorites were Jennifer's (top, far right), whose dress flowed so beautifully on the runway, and Kenley's (second row, second from the right), whose silhouette and collar were so beautiful on this model. One last note: WTF? The judges liked Stella Trashbags's trashy dress (bottom, second from the left).

Because so many people have raved about season one of Mad Men, I decided to give it a chance and watched the season two premiere. I'm obviously at a disadvantage because I haven't seen any previous episodes, and I originally thought Mr. Draper was having an affair (with someone who, turns out, is his wife) and I still have no clue who knocked up Peggy. Although I love the costumes and set decor and overall look of the show, I don't know how long I can stick with a program where women are only sexual objects. All of the men have a "mister" before their names, but women are referred to by their first names. The women are all secretaries and mousey or whiney (where are the political protestors?), and the men all smoke and appear misogynistic (minus Mr. Draper, who is apparently the star character). But is Mr. Draper really a lovable character if everyone else lacks attractive qualities? But it did seem like Mr. Draper is battling some demons, so perhaps there was an affair or scandal, but it happened in the first season. I love period pieces, but some of the acting was awkward and the script didn't really impress me. The women just really annoyed me (oh, arrogant feminism), and I don't know how often I'll want to watch this. Plus, I don't know why it's called Mad Men.

My crush on Simon Pegg is growing. He was on The Soup the other night promoting the DVD release of Spaced (which is now taking up three spots on my Netflix list), and even though he was on for just a few moments, I got really excited. A little too excited. (Some trivia for you: he auditioned for Rowan Atkinson's Rufus role in Love Actually, and the godfather of Chris Martin's Apple. Bizarre.) Just wanted to share. I heart Simon Pegg.


Goddessdster said...

I'm never afraid to admit when I'm late to the game on some things, because at least I do come around, no? But I fell for Simon Pegg after seeing Hot Fuzz. He is so freaking adorable in it I couldn't NOT.

And I have the same issues about Mad Men as you. Sometimes I don't care how brilliant a show or movie is supposed to be. If I feel kind of sick watching it, I stop.

keyser soze said...

Well, luckily, the week's Entertainment Weekly spoiled/explained the first season, so I am interested in Don Draper's storyline. I would like to see where they take him. But Peggy is just so freaking annoying, and I don't identify with ANY of the women on that show. And the strange thing is, the show has a strong female viewership. Since when is retrogression popular?

I'll give it two more episodes. They better give me something feminist to hold on to or I'm going out for a pack of cigarettes... and never coming back.