Wednesday, August 27, 2008

brandon bird pop culture art show

"No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford," by Brandon Bird

Brandon Bird is quite an impressive pop culture artist. He orchestrated a very clever group show called The Norton Anthology in which the artists had to work around an Edward Norton theme (Bird's own contribution is brilliantly titled: "Norton by Bird" and it's just Norton on a tree branch... next to a bird). And just for Goddessdster, Bird did a "Law and Order: Artistic Intent" show, and these artists love their Orbach. Letters to Walken is particularly inspired: "While Artist-in-Residence at Cornell's arts dorm, I was expected to come up with stimulating art-related programs for the students to participate in. "Letters to Walken" allowed them the chance to write their yearly Christmas letter to Christopher Walken." Can you imagine Christopher Freakin' Walken coming down the chimney and delivering your Christmas presents?

Warning: This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Artist note: "We are both well aware that James Woods did not play Robocop."

Brandon Bird does have a store, so support your arts! Personally, "Signifier and Signified" makes me ridiculously happy.

Kind of amazing.

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Goddessdster said...

That was great.
Lenny looks like he's hugging Mr. T in "Lenny Briscoe and the Immaterial Witness."
I'm going to go look at more now.
Work? Who needs to work?