Sunday, August 31, 2008

fall tv premiere schedule

* denotes shows I watch occasionally.
** denotes shows I never miss.
*** denotes premieres I'm really, really excited about.

Monday, Sept. 1:
Gossip Girl*, CW, 8pm (the only appealing couple is Blair and Chuck...)

Tuesday, Sept. 2:
90210, CW, 8pm

Wednesday, Sept. 3:
Bones**, FOX, 8pm (the premiere is in London! Booth and Brennan are my favorite TV couple)

Sunday, Sept. 7:
True Blood, HBO, 9pm (I'm intrigued by the clairvoyance-as-alienation aspect)
Entourage, HBO, 10pm

Monday, Sept. 8:
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles***, FOX, 9pm (death by sentient robots actually sounds kind of cool)

Tuesday, Sept. 9:
Fringe***, FOX, 8pm (Pacey Witter!)

On Monday, Sept. 15, the Sci-Fi Channel will start airing reruns of Lost.

Tuesday, Sept. 16:
House***, FOX, 8pm (the breakup of House and Wilson is very interesting)

Monday, Sept. 22:
Big Bang Theory*, CBS, 8pm
How I Met Your Mother*, CBS, 8:30pm
Heroes***, NBC, 9pm (gave up early in the 2nd season, but I'm being pulled back in by the Villains theme)

Thursday, Sept. 25:
My Name is Earl, NBC, 8pm
The Office**, NBC, 9pm (Pam and Jim better still be together...)
Grey's Anatomy**, ABC, 9pm (really, Lexie likes George?)

Sunday, Sept. 28:
Dexter***, Showtime, 9pm (Jimmy Smits is on board as Dexter first true friend)
Desperate Housewives**, ABC, 9pm (not excited about Gaby's kids...)
Brothers and Sisters, ABC, 10pm

Monday, Sept. 29:
Chuck**, NBC, 8pm (I heart Chuck Bartowski)

Wednesday, Oct. 1:
Pushing Daisies**, ABC, 9pm (it's all about Olive and Ned)

Monday, Oct. 6:
Samantha Who?, ABC, 9:30pm

Tuesday, Oct. 14
Eli Stone**, ABC, 10pm (the finale was so good)

Oct. 30:
30 Rock***, NBC, 8:30pm (more 70s-black-sitcom-Alex-Baldwin, please)


Goddessdster said...

House and Wilson will never break up! Their love is eternal...

Can I say I'm more excited about Pacey being on Fringe than I am about any new show ever?!?

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