Thursday, August 7, 2008

project runway: rings of glory

Winner: Korto

On last night's episode of Project Runway, the designers had to create outfits for the summer Olympics opening ceremony. Points to Bravo for planning out the season to coincide with the Olympics. Bravo, Bravo! Now that we have fewer competitors, we're able to spend more time on individual personalities. Terri is definitely growing on me (she knew who Apolo Anton Ohno is, whereas Blayen just looked annoyed by the guest judge), and I still strongly dislike Stella Trashbags and Blayne Won'tShutUp. Also, why are the other designers complaining that Kenley laughs so much? Wouldn't they rather have a laugher than a crier? People will just complain about anything...

So let me complain about Blayne. I really, really dislike him. I don't typically want people to fail, but I really don't think he deserves to have this opportunity, and his ignorance really grates on my nerves.
Reasons to 'Auf' Blayne
1. He thinks that during the season, he will get paler and weaker. He gets his strength from tanning? As a pale red head, I am incredibly offended by his tanorexia. It's like a warped form of racism. He defends tanning every other day by comparing it to people who go to the gym every day. Blayne, dear, tanning gives you cancer. Working out is healthy.
2. He didn't get the Sgt. Pepper reference, and he thought The Beatles were from the 30s. To add insult to injury, he said he enjoyed Across the Universe but "other people were singing it." Then he adds that he likes his variations of The Beatles to be more progressive. Blayne, dear, The Beatles invented progressive.
3. On his design, he said he was taking the challenge more literally. Blayne, dear, nothing in your design says athletic, Olympics, or America. He opted for pink instead of red. I don't think "literal" means what he thinks it means.
4. Oh, and he's not a good designer.

Designs I enjoyed: Suede (bottom, second from the right), Leanne, Keith, and Terri (bottom, far right).

Designs I disliked: Daniel (top, second from the left), Jarell (top, middle), Stella (bottom, third from the right), BLAYNE (top, far left). They were too 1940s, and I hated that a lot of the models had 1940s hair to match. That makes absolutely no sense. Most female athletes don't put their hair in little curls.

Designs that were good but had nothing to do with the Olympics: Kelli (top, far right), Kenley (bottom, far left), and Jennifer (top, third from the left). Sadly, Jennifer was kicked off, although it should have been Daniel because his design looked horrible whereas Jennifer's design was merely inappropriate for the challenge.

My personal favorite runner up is Keith's design, even though I don't care for him or what comes out of his mouth. I really like the top half; the vest is sporty and the scarves are like a modern update on ascots (sort of). I don't think too many female athletes would be comfortable with that skirt (the material seemed irritable), but if he had paired that vest with some pants or some bermuda shorts, it would've looked fantastic. And I agree with Korto -- Olympic teams in white tend to stand out. And you don't want your country to be too red, white, and blue, so having white as the main color with red and white as the accent colors was a smart decision.

My absolute favorite design (seriously, how did this not win?) belongs to Leanne. It's sporty, it's comfortable, and the collar is freaking adorable. It's wearable and it's practical, but Leanne was still able to punch it up with some fashionable designs. It would look good with straight hair, short hair, hair in a ponytail, hair in a bun. It would look good on lean athletes or muscular athletes. It would look good with tennis shoes or sandals or flats. It's not as creative or innovative as some of the other designs, but for the challenge and for what they were supposed to create, this design really fits the bill. And did I mention it's practical?

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David Dust said...

I think some of the designers heard "SPECIAL" Olympics, and not Summer Olympics. "JerHell" in particular.

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