Saturday, September 20, 2008

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I know, I know. I'm postponing my top five BSG moments, but that's because I haven't found any good pictures for those moments. So perhaps I'll post it without pictures. At any rate, the Emmys are on Sunday, and I wanted to go through who I think should, but not necessarily who will win. You can see the full list of nominees here.

Outstanding Comedy Series: As much as I adore The Office, Season 2 of 30 Rock is absolutely hysterical. "Rosemary's Baby" showed us Alec Baldwin's true genius, and the whole Uncanny Valley-porn-video game plot at the end of the season was comedy gold. None of the other nominees come anywhere close to the brilliance of this show.
Lead Actor in a Comedy: No contest. Alec Baldwin. Every single line of dialogue is amazing, and he throws some of them away. His insults to Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) are so natural and his character is so full of power that I can't help but drop my jaw when he's on the screen. How has Baldwin not been doing comedy all these years?
Lead Actress in a Comedy: This one is actually a tough one. The stereotype is that women aren't funny, and yet I'm having a hard time discerning who deserves this award more. Well, I can rule out America Ferrera because playing a stereotype is never interesting, and I can take Mary-Louise Parker out of the running because I consider her role dramatic (Weeds is really a drama with comedic elements, at least this last season has been). I do think Julia Louis-Dreyfus has done a lot with her role on The New Adventures of Old Christine and I do enjoy Tina Fey on 30 Rock, but I have to go with Christina Applegate. Although I don't like the show all that much (the characters are annoying), she is both physically and verbally funny. She knows just the right intonation with her dialogue, and her slapstick pratfalls are also unexpectedly funny. I'm good with any of them winning, really, but Applegate plays Sam unlike anyone else. She is both clumsy and ditsy, and yet I still believe her when her character needs to be serious or smart.
Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Hmm... this one isn't tough at all. Neil Patrick Harris's over-the-top Barney was given some really fantastic material this season, especially with his Bro-Code-breaking hook-up with Robin. How many catchphrases has this character created? A win for NPH would be legen--wait for it--dary!
Supporting Actress in a Comedy: This one's a coin toss between Kristen Chenoweth and Jean Smart. I've been a fan of Smart's for years (she brought a lot to a minor role in Garden State), but honestly, she really only plays two characters. Chenoweth could be overlooked because perky characters tend to be, but Chenoweth brings so much heart and sadness to her perky character that it's hard not to fall in love with her and say, "Chuck who?"
Guest Actor in a Comedy: Four out of the five nominees are for 30 Rock, but is there really any question that short-robed Will Arnett is the clear winner?
Guest Actress in a Comedy: Again, three out of the six were nominated for 30 Rock, and I'm going to have to go with Edie Falco on this one. I know, I'm biased for 30 Rock, but Falco was able to hold her own against Baldwin, and that is no small feat. She was funny and a great role model for women. Double awesome!

Outstanding Drama Series: Lost was better this year, but it still wasn't anywhere near Emmy-winning. And Dexter's second season was still fantastic, although not as great as the first. But Mad Men should take this award home. It's a wonderful period piece with infinitely intriguing characters, and although the episodic plots aren't that captivating, you keep coming back for more because you can relate to these characters. No one is wholly good or wholly bad (even our protagonist!), and that's very interesting to watch unfold during the weeks.
Lead Actor in a Drama: Can you believe Hugh Laurie hasn't won an Emmy for this yet? He won a Golden Globe, but he's long overdue for the Emmy. As much as I love Jon Hamm's portrayal of Don Draper on Mad Men, this award should go to Hugh Laurie because 1) he's long overdue and 2) the interactions with his new interns really gave Laurie a new playing field in which to create his role of the ultimate bastard boss. Giving roses The Bachelor-style to returning interns was just beautiful. But if it isn't Laurie, I certainly hope it's Michael C. Hall for Dexter. I think his complex character is oversimplified by many critics, and Hall brings such a creepy and yet sexy mystique to the role.
Lead Actress in a Drama: Meh. Boring. None of these roles interest me...? Actually, none of these shows interest me...
Supporting Actor in a Drama: Hmm... this one's a bit tricky. I think Michael Emerson should have won for Lost Season 2 (or even Season 3) but not necessarily this last season. And I love John Slattery on Mad Men even though he's only in it for a few scenes each episode. Still, no matter how short your stay, the question is if it's memorable. My vote's for Slattery. There's an episode where he's in the hospital crying to his wife, apologizing and telling her he loves her, and it just breaks my heart. He brings so much depth to a crooked, despicable character.
Supporting Actress in a Drama: This one's easy. Chandra Wilson deserves the win for Grey's Anatomy. She owns every scene she's in, and she's the only actress on that show that I never catch acting. She is Dr. Bailey.
Guest Actor in a Drama: I don't watch ER (I've been maybe seen fifteen episodes in the entire series), but I don't have an opinion about the other nominees, so my vote is for Stanley Tucci. He's fantastic in everything he's in, and I doubt that ER is any different.
Guest Actress in a Drama: Umm... absolutely no clue...

Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series: Although I prefer The Daily Show to The Colbert Report, I think this win really belongs to the latter. TDS's correspondents just aren't funny anymore (although Samantha Bee's "lady brain" bit had me in stitches!), and Colbert carries his show on his own. He's beyond witty, and Colbert really shines brightest during the interviews. He's taking his "character" less seriously now, and I think he's in as much as awe of his popularity as the rest of the country is. If he suggested that every newborn be named after him, I guarantee that at least 100 Stephen Colberts would be born the very next day.
Outstanding Made-for-TV Movie: Although I adore Extras, I don't think an extended last episode counts as a Made-for-TV movie. This category is dominated by the awesomeness that was Recount.
Actor in a Miniseries: Like I even have to think about it... Kevin Spacey for Recount.
Actress in a Miniseries: She brought warmth and heart to her role in A Raisin in the Sun, and the Emmys would be blind if they didn't pick Phylicia Rashad.
Supporting Actor in a Miniseries: Again, like I even have to think about it... Denis Leary in Recount.
Supporting Actress in a Miniseries: I did enjoy Laura Dern as Katherine Harris in Recount (and would be quite happy if she won), but my heart belongs to Audra McDonald's performance in A Raisin in the Sun. There are few people who should be nominated for everything they do (even breathing!), but McDonald is one of them. Except for Private Practice -- she's wasted on that sub-par show.

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