Sunday, September 14, 2008

emmys: most memorable moment

Which TV moment is most memorable? The Emmys will air next Sunday, and during the show, they will show the top five clips in the categories of comedy or drama. You can vote for comedy here and for drama here. And I know you're just dying to see what I voted for... and yes, I voted twice.

First choice: I Love Lucy, the infamous chocolate assembly sketch.
Second choice: Friends, the one where Ross finds out that Rachel likes him and they fight because he's with Julie now, but then he comes back to the window at Central Perk with his puppy dog eyes and she opens the door, knowing full well what's about to happen... sigh, I remember when this aired, and it was so terribly romantic. Obviously this was before I became jaded.

First choice: ER, the scene where Doug says goodbye to Nurse Carol. This scene breaks my heart. Juliana Margulies does so much with so little. There are only two sentences spoken between them, and yet, the scene says so much. I never got into ER, but I did know that this was a true television relationship.
Second choice: Lost, when the hatch blows up and the sky turns purple! Oh man, Desmond loves Penny! Desmond, nooo!

Side note for Drama: They included the clip from Grey's Anatomy where Kyle Chandler's bomb-squad guy blows up, but I think the scene with Christina Ricci's character is so much more fascinating. Ricci freaks out because her hand is holding on to a bomb, and Meredith is trying to calm her down. Then Ricci freaks out, retracts her hand, and leaves the room... but nothing blows up. Why? Because Meredith instinctively put her in hand on the bomb, thus putting her life in danger. These two actresses shared an emotionally charged scene, and it surpasses the explosive clip on this list.

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Goddessdster said...

Oh God! I had that same reaction to that Friends scene!

I'm so glad I'm not the only dork in the room.