Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the face of brilliance

Ever wondered what brilliance looks like? Here's the trailer for directorial debut of Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York. I am beyond excited for this. The petal falling off the tattoo? Beautiful, inspired, and haunting. "When are we going to get an audience in here? It's been seventeen years." This looks like a mind-bending look at life as an art -- literally.

And here are two posters for the film:


Dee Thompson said...

Hmm... I love Charlie Kaufman's films, but this looks just too complicated to get into. I like things twisted and interesting, but I want a reasonably clear story. It's mentally exhausting just looking at this trailer.

I will probably wait for this to come out on Netflix, then watch it with a cup of coffee after the kids are asleep... LOL

keyser soze said...

I agree with you. Films need to have a) strong character development and b) a storyline -- it's amazing how many movies *cough* Transformers *cough* don't have real storylines -- in order for me to like them. I'll still watch any movies that interest me, even mindless blockbusters, but I will never like a movie without a plot. As messy as Old School was, it still had a plot so I loved it.

But Charlie Kaufman is changing the face of cinema, similar to what Michel Gondry did to music videos. It's no longer a linear storyline, and it's no longer a representation of reality but rather a referent of reality, an allusion to reality. And because this is Kaufman's directorial debut, I care less about the cohesion than I do about the manipulation of time, space, and image. Mentally exhausting can be good. :)

Netflix is amazing. It guarantees that I'll watch the movie with un-annoying people. Seriously, the movie industry is going to hurt soon if they don't get rid of text messagers and talkers! Cinema is an art, people! And that's why Netflix is awesome.