Monday, October 27, 2008

homer simpson on madison avenue

It was bound to happen, and yes, The Simpsons have pulled through with an opening credits parody of the Emmy-winning Mad Men. The season finale was AMAZING last night -- Pete and Peggy broke my heart -- and I really don't know how the show was able to top Season 1. I will eventually get around to posting commentaries on Season 2... just as soon as my parents watch the season. (I don't want to spoil things for them, despite my love for spoilers.) But here, below, are the screencaps from The Simpsons.


Chad said...

this is kind of amazing. did you see the finale? of course you did. what did you think of peggy and pete? i'm glad you got me hooked on this show. it's only been two days and i'm already going through don draper withdrawals.

keyser soze said...

That scene broke my heart! Who knew that the mechanical Pete had a beating heart somewhere in there? Wow, the relationship between Peggy and Pete will never be the same... and I praise Matt Weiner for delivering this (narratively) inevitable moment in such a non-predictable and uncharacteristic way. Mad Men is mad good.