Tuesday, October 14, 2008

new poll: best comedy series?

In the last poll, you guys voted Leoben Conoy (BSG) and Jim Halpert (The Office) as Best TV Husband, with my man Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) coming in second (or is it third?) with four votes.

Today's poll is also TV related. What is the best comedy series on TV right now? My next poll will be drama series. And then perhaps the following one will look at hybrid shows, like Bones, The Mentalist, and Desperate Housewives. Your choices for Best Comedy Series (on current TV) are:
How I Met Your Mother
30 Rock
The Office
Okay, so these are my favorite comedies and the options are biased, but they're solid choices...


Goddessdster said...


Okay, this is harder than I thought. Because my instincts want me to automatically click The Office. But there's Chuck, which has a very special place in my heart...but I don't know that I ever thought of it as a comedy.

Of course, I can justifiably say which one is best, as I don't watch HIMYM.

I'll be back.

Goddessdster said...

I meant "can't justifiably say...."
Of course
*goes to get more coffee*

Chad said...

The best comedy show is the future Dwight Shrute spinoff series where he thinks he's a secret CIA operative undercover as teacher in an elementary school, but really he's just a teacher. But that's not an option so I went with The Office. :)