Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HIMYM: 50 reasons to have sex

On Monday night's episode of How I Met Your Mother (read Alan Sepinwall's review here), Ted and the others are introduced to the philosophy of The Naked Man -- where, if you haven't a chance for a second date, you should lose your clothes because your date will just laugh and half sex with you -- and, of course, Robin sleeps with The Naked Man creator, Mitch. Marshall "calls slut" and believes that the only reason to have sex with someone is for love. Well, his lovely lady proves him wrong with "50 Reasons to Have Sex." Here they are below for your viewing pleasure.

Some highlights:
#8: Nothing good on TV.
#13-14: Diet/exercise, and then to celebrate recent weight loss.
#23: Just shaved legs.
#30: She wants to.
#39: Damn, your calves look good in those cargo shorts. (I wish this one had been explained on the show!)
#40: Called/texted the wrong person but she was into it anyway. (This is totally an addition from Barney.)
#50: Love. (Aww, Marshall and Lily are so cute.)

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