Friday, January 9, 2009

episode: 30 rock, "senor macho solo"

Some quick thoughts on last night's spring premiere of 30 Rock...

Is it just me, or was Peter Dinklage looking really hot with that new haircut? And is it just me, or should Salma Hayek's breasts not have made an appearance at her niece's quinceanera? As for the episode, it was more situational than it was comedic. Everyone seemed to have a storyline, and the biggest one -- Jack's adoration of his mother's nurse -- was random and didn't follow through very well. It could be that I don't find Salma Hayek to be a particularly engaging actress (admit it, she's not very good), but it could also be that this episode was a bit crowded narratively. On the other hand, I did enjoy the throwback to the season premiere's emphasis on Liz's urge to adopt. It was a lackluster episode that left a lot to be desired, but it was still an enjoyable half hour of television. I have to wonder... will it ever reach the high-larious status of the first and second season again? Could the writers' strike really have made such a difference?

-- Liz Lemon's handbag full of stolen baby shoes
-- Tracy Jordan's Benny Hill reenactment
-- instead of meowing/growling, Liz actually says "cat sound"
-- Kenneth's "Top That" rap from Teen Witch (seriously, watch the ridiculous clip)

Liz: (after mistaking him for a little boy) I like your tie.
Stuart: And I like aggressive women with a nerdy vibe. How about we grab some coffee and explore this?

Jenna: (dressed as Janis Joplin) Whoa, what is that iron bird?
Jack: They had planes in the 60s, Jenna.

Liz: (on dating Stuart) What if I say something stupid? Like order a tall coffee or talk about my Ninentdo Wii.

Liz: It's not because of your size! I have a thing about intimacy. I'm the weird one!
Stuart: How am I weird?
Liz: You're not! That came out wrong.
Stuart: You came out wrong.

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