Thursday, January 22, 2009

films news: late january 2009

In honor of Obama's inauguration, 8 years of Bushisms.

[Via Cinematical.] Buffy alum Eliza Dushku is producing a Robert Mapplethorpe biopic, starring her brother.

[Via Film Junk.] Howard the Duck is finally coming to DVD. You may all rejoice now that you have human-on-duck sex at your disposal.

Film School Rejects reviews Sundance films Paper Heart, Don't Let Me Drown, and Dare. It might be worth noting that Paper Heart stars Michael Cera and his real-life girlfriend Charlyne Yi (best known for her role as Martin Starr's stoner girlfriend in Knocked Up).

[Via Throwing Things.] "In a rare nexus of the Sorkinverse, Whedonverse, and Abramsverse, Sorkin Family Player Bradley Whitford is apparently about to sign for a lead role in Cabin in the Woods, a horror/thriller to be directed by Drew Goddard (who wrote Cloverfield as well as a bunch of episodes of both Lost and Alias, and who played "Fake Thomas Jefferson" in Dr. Horrible) and co-written by Goddard and Whedon. (Perhaps even stranger is that the movie will co-star Richard Jenkins.)"

Above, "the writer of Forrest Gump brings you the touching story of a man-child told through flashbacks using thick New Orleans voiceovers." Others have previously noted how similar The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is to Forrest Gump, but this video from really sells this idea with split-screen. "If you only see one version of Forrest Gump this year..."

[Via The Movie Blog.] The Veronica Mars movie might actually be made, now that creator Rob Thomas has some spare time between Cupid scripts.

[Via Film School Rejects.] Really? Judd Appatow wants to make a horror film with SNL cast member Bill Hader?

[Via Variety.] And now, the news I've been waiting for... Matt Weiner has signed on to produce/write two more seasons of Mad Men. Season three is set to premiere in July. I think season two is one of the greatest seasons I've ever seen on television, so I'm extremely interested to see where Weiner takes Don Draper next, and especially to see if they jump ahead another two years to 1964.

And now, one of the funniest things I've seen... and it's only funny to true die-hard Star Wars fans... Star Wars as told by someone who's never seen the films.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

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