Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pushing daisies movie?

Rumors of dead but beloved television shows making it to the big screen will always make their rounds on the internet, and, since Firefly was eventually translated into Serenity, there will always be that hope for truth in these rumors. Personally, I will hold on to the idea of an Arrested Development and Veronica Mars movie until we're all swallowed by the hellmouth. (Some of you reading that statement just realized how much of a geek I am. But if you got the hellmouth reference, it means you're a geek too, so shut it.)

Well, now there are rumors rumbling about a Pushing Daisies film. Slash Film reports Daisies star Kristen Chenoweth has spoken of the cast's desire to make a film, noting that creator Bryan Fuller already has a storyline mapped out. If this ends up happening, it won't be for a while because Fuller is now back working on the show Heroes. My only thought on this development is... as long as Lee Pace gets work. I want to see lots, lots more from that man.

Besides pointing out this rumor, this post allows me to refer to more geeky goodness. Bryan Fuller, as some of you may recall, is the creator of Showtime's Dead Like Me. I've only seen the first season, but I highly enjoyed it. It was killed after two short seasons, and I don't believe there was a conclusion to the series. So... Dead Like Me is coming to the little screen (your DVD player) with Dead Like Me: Life After Death. It will be released in February 2009, and because Mandy Patinkin dropped out as the Grim Reaper's right-hand, Henry Ian Cusick -- yes, Desmond from Lost -- is stepping in as a new head reaper named Cameron Kane. So be sure to add it to your Netflix queue if black comedies about death are your thing, or you just need a Desmond fix.

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