Wednesday, March 18, 2009

film news: march 2009

The Movie Blog gives us a look at the new Spike Jonze Where the Wild Things Are movie poster. I can't remember the last time I've been so excited about a movie. (And no, Watchmen was never a site for geekiness for me.)

• Via Film School Rejects: Watchmen Legos!

The Movie Blog reports Linda Hamilton will offer her voice for Terminator Salvation. Hopefully it's as mind-bendy as her classic voiceover in the first movie.

• According to Cinematical, Time Traveler's Wife will be released August 14th. It's about time. (Ha!)

I Watch Stuff reports: "Natalie Portman and Brad Pitt have signed on to star in an adaptation of the Leanne Shapton lengthy-titled book Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry. Romantic comedy just got incredibly pretentious." As much as I love long titles, this one's not doing much for me, and I think the mock suggestion for Bidding on the Heart as a title is both hilarious and appropriate.

• Via Cinematical: Seriously? Seats with synchronized motion? I understand the importance of "dreaming of a better tomorrow," but can't this tomorrow involve a cure for cancer instead of a needless toy intended to generate more money for the culture industry? (Thanks, Adorno!)

Film School Rejects give Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the adoration of Troll 2, an A+. I have been waiting forever this documentary to come out, so hopefully it will find wide distribution after SXSW.

Cinematical is irritated by Sci-Fi's switch to Syfy. I concur. It's a stupid name, and it's insulting to sci-fi fans. (Not to go all Adorno on you again, but the Sci-Fi channel can't really trademark a genre... it's always about money, isn't it?)

Screen Rant has a look at David Fincher's new animated film, The Goon. My favorite part of the film's press release? "There is a heavy slant on the paranormal." The poster looks pretty awesome.

Away We Go trailer, starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph

• As if the sudden surge in remakes and sequels isn't frustrating enough, I Watch Stuff explains that Chris Rock will be remaking Death at a Funeral. You know, that movie that came out in 2007 (!!!).

• Speaking of remakes, will Rihanna and Channing Tatum fill the shoes of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner is a remake of The Bodyguard? This is one of the few remakes I'm actually okay with. My main problem is that studios are remaking GOOD films simply because they're older (The Day the Earth Stood Still, ahem). I'm fine with them remaking bad movies. And let's be honest, guys, The Bodyguard is not a good movie. You know what other movies are bad? Pretty Woman (it's sexism masquerading as female empowerment!) and Ghost.

Film Junk had a poll for Best Time Travel Movie, and Back to the Future came out on top with 45% of the votes, followed by 12 Monkeys (15.6%), Terminator 2 (11.8%), and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is in 5th place with 4.3%. I think Bill and Ted's should higher, and as much as I love Back to the Future, 12 Monkeys is a perfect science-fiction film.

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