Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ABDC: 9 crews remain

First of all, Mario Lopez irks me, and I don't know if it's his greasy hair or his plastered smile. And second, what is with MTV putting fan feedback everywhere? Comments (most likely texted, considering the poor spelling) scroll on the upper and lower portions of the screen, and lonely MTV-addicts recreate music video choreography in the lower left hand corner, scooping out screen space from the actual dance crews that I came to watch. The only way I would be okay with this screen-in-screen is if the crews had to choreograph a dance based on the Star Wars kid. I'd allow that light-saber-toting hero on my screen any time. Third, BoogieBots is in the bottom three? Sniffle.

Super Cr3w: I don't think they're particularly clean and I don't know how much dancing they actually incorporated (JC even commented on the lack of choreography), but I liked their levels. I have a thing for dance/song cannons. (Side note: Why is Shane Sparks so intent on making "ya'llself" a word? Even "ya'llselves" would be more appropriate, even if still completely ridiculous.)
Fanny Pak: SO GOOD! They did Gwen Stefanie's "Lonely Goatherd" song and totally played up The Sound of Music. Their clothes were absolutely adorable (see picture above), and even though the choreography was straight from the video, they did it really well. Also, I like it when the judges compliment a specific member and then the rest of the crew smiles and nudges the person being praised. Yay for camaraderie!
Supreme Soul: They did a V that reminded me of The Mighty Ducks (because I'm such an 80s dork), and then they broke it into a cannon, passing on moves by touch. And let's not forget about the slow-mo warp at the end! They were still moving in slow-mo after their set was over!

Phresh Select: I'm okay with their name being spelled with a Ph because they're from Philadelphia, and I thought their 1960s Wall Street look was inspired, but I don't understand why one of the dancers compared this dance style to hieroglyphics...? It was more like puppetry to me.
A.S.I.I.D.: Maybe I haven't been paying attention to the directions, but are they supposed to completely copy their given music video? Oh, and they ended their set by stripping the three female members of their shirts. Really? Does MTV need to objectify women more? Yeah, I don't like this group. Why didn't the men lose their pants? I'm just saying. To be fair.
SoRealCru: I like this group (pictured above) because they seem to be more about the choreography than about the tricks and athletics. And when one guy stepped out to the side and passed the beat to his crew, first through his hand and then through his foot, I was sold. Again, they're not perfect, but they get the most comparison to last season's winners, JabbaWockeeZ, so they're a crowd favorite.
Xtreme Dance Force: Is it just me, or do they have too many people in their group? The large number is a setback. I didn't particularly care for them because their choreography didn't have a story and it didn't vary in speed. And... is Shane Sparks the new Paula Abdul? He loved everyone this week and had no constructive criticism? Still not convinced he's the new Paula? He claps now. It's only time before he gives standing ovations...

Boogie Bots: Aww, I love them. I enjoy their facial expressions the most because they're not trying to be bad-ass. They're casual about dancing, and you can tell they're having fun.
Sass x7: (They lost. Enjoy the gratuitous picture above.) The only thing I liked about them was their hair. And those jackasses in the audience bowed for them. They bowed earlier for A.S.I.I.D. So I guess MTV wants to give airtime to salivating males who idolize half-naked women. Awesome.

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