Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dr. horrible's sing-along blog

The dates have been announced, and we can all rejoice! Joss Whedon's online Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has release dates.
Part 1 - Tuesday July 15
Part 2 - Thursday July 17
Part 3 - Saturday July 19
For those of you who just aren't cool enough to know what I'm talking about, the trailer is below, and all you really need to know is... Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. Together. The official website to watch the segments is, but all that is up right now is the trailer and a letter from Whedon explaining his "master plan." A soundtrack will available (I'm not sure in what format, though) after the episodes air. Also, it has been announced that -- get this -- Whedon is currently writing a musical commentary to be included on the DVD. That's right. His comments will be in song. Has there ever been a better time to use the word "genius"?


Goddessdster said...

I'm more excited about this than I am about Dollhouse.

The one time I met Joss I acted like such a dweeb loser. Of course, my plan was to dazzle him with my wit and brilliance so he would hire me and I could hang out with Jane and Tim. Instead I kind of stuttered and probably looked glassy-eyed, though he did smile for the picture I took.

keyser soze said...

I know what you mean... but Dollhouse does have Helo from BSG in the cast, and I love the problems surrounding identity and memory erasing, so I'm excited about both equally. Although... Fillion on top of a car is kind of hot.