Wednesday, July 2, 2008 lit 101 class

Lit 101 Class in Three Lines or Less (although, grammatically, shouldn't it be "Fewer"?):
WINSTON: Don't tell the Party, but sex is way better than totalitarianism.
EVERYONE: Surprise! We're the Party.
WINSTON: Oh, rats.
Ben Joseph also wrote Film School in Three Lines or Less (Fewer):
The Philadelphia Story
CARY GRANT: Sex in the 1940s took place entirely in the form of witty banter.
This website also brought me to a Sex and the City mock fanfiction: Sex and the City and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The writer, Jill Morris, really nails the tone and characters of the overrated show. "I had to wonder: Was it all just a myth? Or could a New York woman really ever have it all: work, love, and a skull given to us from an alien planet?"

And, oh my gods, Lacanian jokes. Be still, my beating heart.
Q: What makes a Lacanian joke funny?
A: Its signifier by its very nature anticipates meaning, unfolding its dimension before it.
Finally, someone who really understands the genius of Yogi Berra. "If the world was perfect, then it wouldn't be." Meditate on that.

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