Sunday, July 13, 2008

rock me, sexy jesus

This is a scene/slash/montage from Hamlet 2, which, I am embarrassed to say, I am geeking out over. I don't really care for Steve Coogan, but I was sold after the lines, "Didn't everyone die in the first one...?" "There's a thing that fixes that." "Oh... a time machine..." The above music video for "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" comes with lyrics, and the word awesome immediately springs to mind...


erin. said...

so probably not the most intellectual of comments but i will say that after watching this clip i've been singing "rock me sexy jesus" all the time. also. don't know if you know or if you are a fan, but south park did something like this, oh who knows when. but cartman and stan (kyle? i can never tell) had a bet to see who would get a platinum selling album first. cartman decides he will start a christian rock group because you can have bad music as long as you talk about jesus. so he writes all these songs about wanting to lay down next to jesus and stroke his hair. i can't remember any of the songs (this one was way catchier), but it was funny. mostly because cartman tells token to go to his basement and get his bass guitar, token says he doesn't have one and cartman says "token, you're a black man, you have a bass guitar in your basement" and then he (predictably) did. then cartman tells him to give him a bass line, tokens says he doesn't know how to play and cartman tells him he does because he's black. and sure enough he plays it.

anyway, i know that south park really isn't up there in great television, but it reminded me of it just the same.

maybe i'll write a comment about mamma mia, i'm seeing that tomorrow (with the lovely colin firth)

keyser soze said...

What are you talking about? I think South Park is BRILLIANT. It's one of the strongest satires in the medium, and even frat boys like it too! I'm going to show South Park to my film class, namely the episodes about the gingers and the people from the future for racism week. "What's a timecist?" "Well, a racist, but about people from the future."

I'm seeing Mama Mia on Monday, so we can discuss it then!

P.S. You need to write an entry so I can comment on your posts! Welcome to the world of blogging.