Friday, July 4, 2008

speaking of stanley kubrick...

Just when I've made a bold statement like "greatest homage to Kubrick ever," my statement is proven premature. The UK's Film 4 channel is showing an entire season of Stanley Kubrick's works and their promotion spot features a recreation of the set of The Shining (one of two movies that actually scares me). It is comprised of one continuous tracking shot from the POV of Kubrick. It is filled with allusions -- or easter eggs or whatever you want to call them -- and my favorite cameo is the man dressed as a bear, which is arguably the most bizarre scene from the film. The man, who is intended to be a man in a bear costume and not simply a bear, is engaged in a sexual activity with a man in a tuxedo, and they only occupy one scene that is less than five seconds. The scene is isolated and strange and unexplained. (If you've read the book, however, you know the backstory of Harry Derwent and the reason for the costume.)

I don't freak out about too many things, but this is particularly squeal-worthy. There's just so much attention to detail.

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