Tuesday, August 12, 2008

poll: worst actor ever

I put a poll up on the left: Who is the worst actor ever? You have until the 20th to vote... and I think the answer's obvious. (It's Nicolas Cage.)


Goddessdster said...


Dee said...

I don't think he's the worst actor ever, but he definitely needs to stop playing romantic leads. The newest film looks dreadful - he plays some sort of terrorist in Japan.

The actor who makes me want to throw things is Heather Locklear. Godawful bad. I stopped watching Spin City because of her.

keyser soze said...

In all honesty -- and don't tell anyone this -- but he's not the worst actor. Nic Cage has at least one good role under his belt (Adaptation). It's just that when I see him or hear his voice or he makes his "I'm thinking because my lips are pursed and my eyebrows are furrowed" face, I just want to scream. I avoid him at all costs. There are actually tons of horrible actors. I just dislike him the most. He takes himself too seriously with too many serious roles. And his roles? They're all the same.

Locklear is bad too, but I've never really seen anything TV of hers. In fact, I only saw her in that Hilary Duff movie, The Perfect Man, and she was not the worst part about that movie... I think it's easier to come up with bad actresses because they don't talent to be in the business these days. They need the right look. There are far more good actors than there are actresses. I think scriptwriters are partly to blame because they're still writing craptastic roles for women.

Goddessdster said...


oh, and the hair.

Nicholas Cage's, I mean.

(still upset about the Shatner votes)