Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Empire Online

The Movie Blog directed me to a wonderful quiz by Empire Online: Can You Guess All These Movies From Just These Letters?

I got 22/46. Not quite half, but enough to feel good about not having a life.

They also have a "How Well Do You Know [Insert Movie Title]" section, but you have to be logged in to play. Still, it's worth it because the questions are good. I got 11/20 for Friends, 15/20 for Breakfast Club, 16/20 for West Wing... sadly, I only got a 10/20 for Die Hard, but those questions were freakin' hard.

And if you're a fan of poster taglines, you can try to guess these taglines.


Samir said...

i'm a massive dork.

erin. said...

17, not quite as dorky.

keyser soze said...

The people on TheMovieBlog kept leaving comments like, "I only got 35/46. I'm totally lame." So Samir, you have some catching up to do until you're a massive dork.

And Erin, a 17 sounds quite about right. :)

Samir said...

in that case, i'm pretty happy not being as bad as the people on that site. i didn't get M, which is perhaps a little embarrassing since the answer is in the question.