Thursday, August 21, 2008

veronica mars takes on the cineplex?

With news that a Veronica Mars movie might be made (we're talking pre-preliminary talks), the fan community has a new nugget of hope to clutch on to. Now, my love for the show went down exponentially as the seasons continued, but Season 4 was going to jump five years into the future after Veronica graduated and joined the FBI. That would translate well to film, so creator Rob Thomas could just rewrite Season 4's mystery into a two-hour movie. Luckily for me (and other fans), they had already filmed some of the first episode and this footage leaked online (above). It looks absolutely fantastic, from Veronica's "you couldn't figure me out with an Idiot's Guide and the Rosetta Stone" to her "celebratory robot dance" lines. This movie could really showcase Kristen Bell's acting spectrum, since she seems to be so unbelievably dull in her other roles (Heroes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Reefer Madness). Maybe if every fan chips in $5, we can get this movie made. We need our role model of spunk.

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