Friday, August 22, 2008

a celebration of nicolas cage's hair

Nicolas Cage's hair has come into its own existence. Perhaps it should have its own entry.
One actor that should be celebrated is Nicolas Cage. We've all grown up watching Cage's movies. From drama to comedy to action, Nicolas has done it all. He's one of American cinema's greats and has always been a pleasure to watch on screen. But why is that? Is it his acting? His smile? His line delivery? While these things help, it's not the reason why people flock to theaters to see him on screen. No, ladies and gentleman, it's because in every movie, he's wearing a different hairstyle piece.
The website is not as mean as I would like for it to be, but the mock-serious aspect still comes across. What's Nicolas Cage's worst haircut? I think it's a tie between Peggy Sue Got Married (his most obnoxious role to date, which is really saying something) and Next.
It looks like the wig is trying to suffocate Nicolas' real hair with the hopes of taking over his body. Then months later Nicolas goes into a hair salon and his alien hair leaps off of him and kills the poor unsuspecting hairstylist. Meanwhile, Nicolas is sitting in his chair looking at himself in the mirror and saying, "We will always be together, myyyy precious."
Thank you so, so much, Goddessdster! Now I've had to create a new label for my obsessive loathing of the world's worst actor. And I can write that now, now that it's official.

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Goddessdster said...

I'll take the thanks, but I think Nic's hair deserves all the credit. It has worked so hard over the years.