Friday, September 26, 2008

new poll: best TV husband?

I have a new poll for you today, and it asks, "Who would be the best TV husband?" This, of course, can be read two different ways: one, who would be a good husband on TV, or two, who from TV would be a good husband. Interpretation is inherently subjective, so have at it. If you think your life is a TV show, go with the former. Or if you want one of these men to exist in reality, go with the latter.

Your choices are:
Jim Halpert, NBC's The Office
Malcolm Reynolds, Fox/Sci-Fi's Firefly
Leoben Conoy, Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica
Gregory House, Fox's House, M.D.
Chuck Bartowksi, NBC's Chuck


jenithetwin said...

So this was hard for me...because I do love Jim so...but House is just so darn sexy he'd be worth the pain in my ass just to look at him. Also, I hate Malcolm Reynolds because he talks like a farmer and I can't get past that one wasn't too hard. :)

I love Chuck too but he doesn't do it for me like House and Jim. I went with Jim. Maybe because of last nights episode? I don't know. I like seeing him all wet. :)

keyser soze said...

Wow, I can't believe Leoben has votes... I was expecting him to roll outta here with ZERO.

House is absolutely sexy, and I'm drawn to his atheistic misanthropic sarcasm, but I don't know if I could put up with that all day. Although I too share those three qualities, they don't make up my personality 100%, and I think I would punch House after about a week.

Other than the cowboy talk, Malcolm is very guarded and uses violence to show his feelings, which... isn't exactly my cup of tea... but in the universe of the 'Verse, I'd be down for Mal.

I voted for Chuck. He's nerdy and lovable and loyal and sigh. He's also not real. ;)

carrie said...

went with jim... of course. *le sigh*

keyser soze said...

Ha, I guess it was unfair to post this the day after The Office premiere... I squealed. Best. Proposal. Ever.

erin. said...

didn't see the proposal. but i will confess...every time i watch john krasinki on anything, i have a dream about him as my boyfriend. never sexual, we just cuddle. so, the choice was obvious. mal was my second choice, i think it's because i can handle that i-refuse-to-acknowledge-my-sensitive-side man. and house was third because i couldn't handle that pessimistic attitude all the time. and i don't watch mad men. please don't yell at me, i don't have time for another television obsession.

i love your polls, by the by.

Goddessdster said...

I'm totally ignoring the spoiler I just read for the show I haven't had the chance to see yet due to parental visitation...

But I've been thinking about this and here's my (wordy) analysis:

House: no. Sexy, yes. Brilliant, yes. But, no. Just, no.

Leoben: As much as I love love love Callum Keith Rennie, and as much as I love the Leoben/Kara dynamic, I don't think I have to go with an explanation here.

Jim/Chuck: Both are adorable, sweet, loyal, smart. Jim has that wonderful sarcastic humor. Chuck has that geeky element that would keep us up late nerding out. But both are young. I am 39 and proudly so, and while I love boyish men, the man part has to be dominant in my partner. And with Jim, I would have to socialize with his work crew. With Chuck would come Morgan (though I think hanging with Ellie and Awesome would be...).

Which leaves us with: my husband, Malcolm Reynolds. While Mal may solve problems with violence, he lives in a violent time. Possibly if I lived in this time, I could come to terms with that. OR I would be that voice of pacifist reason that keeps him from resorting to it as a first option. Mal is honorable and loyal. He is a leader by nature. He's an idealogue. He is smart, but not too. Handsome, but not pretty. He would challenge me, which is what I would need. Plus, while he can be quite boyish, there is no mistaking his very manliness.

keyser soze said...

Wow, that is a very thorough justification. In all honesty, Leoben turns me on the most, but he's pretty creepy. He's super religious (in a he-knows-more-about-my-faith-than-I-do kind of way)... but, as someone pointed out to me, it could be a bonus to kill your husband over and over again. But I completely see where you're coming from. Just... no. No, Leoben.

I'm all about the boyish geekiness. I'd rather have a guy that finds comedy in the mundane than loyalty. Is that weird? Nothing beats laughter, and Chuck's white socks and black shoes crack me up every time. And his ridiculous hair cut is amazing. It certainly helps that actor Zachary Levi is extremely hot. I've been a gung-ho Jim fan since day one, but he's finally been usurped by Chuck. He's my dorky equal in every way.

And that's a good way of describing Mal. Handsome but not pretty. Hmm, I think I'm going to go out and buy Firefly today...