Thursday, October 9, 2008

an attempt to make up for my absence...

The Big Bang Theory: This is obviously not a review but my favorite quotes from Monday night's episode. From what I hear, Sara Gilbert's character will be getting romantically involved with her arch-nemesis, Sheldon. Normally I hate the despised cliché of two-people-hate-each-other-but-really-love-each-other (because really, sometimes different sexes really do just hate each other), but because this show is a comedy and because it's those two, this idea is really funny to me.
Penny: AFK?
Sheldon: Away from keyboard.
Penny: Oh, I see.
Sheldon: And what does that stand for?
Penny: Oh. I. See.
Sheldon: Yes... but what does it mean?

That Awkward Guy: What the frak?
Cinematical brings you the funniest ladies of 2008. I definitely agree with #7 Elizabeth Banks (she was hilarious on Scrubs), #4 Amy Poehler (loved her in Blades of Glory -- she and her real-life husband Will Arnette are hysterical together), #2 Sarah Silverman (her politically incorrect political short film is hilarious), and of course, #1 Tiny Fey (she did just win her second consecutive Outstanding Actress for a Comedy Series Emmy).

I'm glad to see that other people love Chuck as much as I do. Both Film School Rejects and Alan Sepinwall loved Monday night's episode, which was apparently an allusion to My Favorite Year.

Some film news for you:
Ridley Scott is making Brave New World
A Get Smart Sequel is apparently in the works
Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter join Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Another sequel: Blade Runner 2 (Noooo!)
Blind people are protesting Blindness (they're refusing to see it...)
Yet another sequel: Bull Durham (Nooo!)
Showtime and Kevin Bacon are working on a John Wilkes Booth series (say what?)
Lastly, I recently saw Raging Bull -- AFI's current #4 greatest film of all time. I hated it. It was two and a half hours of blatant misogyny and violence. I love violence don't me wrong, but the whole point behind sports movies is that we root for the underdog. Robert de Niro may have won an Oscar for his performance, but it doesn't make his character (based on a real boxer) any less of a douchebag. Seriously, how could Scorsese make a movie about a guy with zero redeeming qualities??

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Goddessdster said...

I too hated Raging Bull for exactly the same reasons. I can be a very compassionate person, but for some people I wonder where I'm supposed to dredge this compassion up from. Up from? you know what I mean.