Wednesday, October 8, 2008

project runway: finale, part one

The first part of Project Runway's season 5 finale was on tonight, but it wasn't too interesting -- the first part rarely is because it's only a sneak peek at Bryant Park. Plus, I don't think there were any surprises, but I think everyone wanted Jerrell to make it to the top three finalists. Images leaked online during Fashion Week, so everyone got a glimpse at the finale when there were still five finalists left, and these images come from the Bryant Park runway. I've only put up my favorites.

From Kenley's Collection: As rude as she may be, I don't think she's a bad person. And, let's be honest, she could have been a lot worse. It wasn't like she was a diva. Her jewel tones are gorgeous, but I really dislike the childish/floral prints she used for some of her dresses. Still, her silhouettes are lovely, and these bottom two dresses are beautiful. The first teal dress come from the bridesmaid challenge from the tonight's "final surprise" finale. The second dress has an amazingly detailed neck ruffle.

From Kato's Collection: Or is it Korto? They keep switching between the spellings and pronunciation of her name. At any rate, I didn't care for the palette of her collection but I do really love this dress. It has a great shape and beautiful colors -- I can't get enough of mustard yellow right now.

From Leanne's Collection: She's the favorite to win, and it's easy to see why. Her collection was inspired by an afternoon by a lake, and the wave motif is apparent in all of her designs. Similarly, the color palette maintains a translucent white-blue presence throughout. The first dress is beautiful because of the shifting pattern of the waves. It represents the impermanence of water and of life, in a way, because it's multi-directional. Even the binary colors play off of this duality. The second outfit is downright gorgeous -- perhaps my favorite outfit. The skirt is mind-blowingly beautiful (how can someone conceive of such architecture in a dress??), and the cupped tube top is the perfect shirt to highlight the skirt. And the third outfit was Leanne's wedding dress, which is nothing short of heavenly. And who wouldn't want to feel light as air on their wedding day?

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