Tuesday, October 21, 2008

films news: october 2008

Showtime has just ordered two more seasons of Dexter. I'm with Alan Sepinwall on this: the idea of Dexter should have been one-to-two seasons but two more seasons will be overkill for the character. This third season is not nearly as intriguing as the first nor as entertaining as the second. The first season dealt with the history of Dexter and an idolizing man-crush from his secret brother (who looks nothing like him), and the second season dealt with Dexter choosing the code of civilization over the code of Harry (he kills the one person who accepts him as he is!). This third season is not interesting in the realms of psychology or sociality, and they're taking Rita and Deb into boring territory. Side note: Part of the attraction of Rita and Dexter was that they didn't have sex, but now that they do, they do it all of the time. It's not so much a will-they/won't-they scenario, but there's no real conflict in that relationship anymore (and no, her pregnancy does not count).

Yet another Chuck Palahniuk novel is going to be adapted for screen. Seriously? This time it's Haunted. But again I ask, seriously?

A sequel to The Hulk has been announced. But there have been rumblings that Edward Norton doesn't want to do a sequel, so... what? Marvel will have three Hulk movies with three different Hulks? Who do they think the Hulk is -- Dr. Who or James Bond? He can't be reinvented three times in one decade.

Director Ridley Scott is returning to science-fiction to direct The Forever War. From Film Junk, it's about "an intergalactic battle between Earth and an alien species known as the Taurans. Soldiers enter the fray by using something similar to wormholes, which allow them to cover massive amounts of space in a few seconds."

Everyone's been talking about Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, but let's be honest, she was underused and the jokes weren't that funny. What was funny, however, was Mark Wahlberg showing up to threaten Andy Samberg for doing an insulting impression of him the previous week. So what happens? With good heart, Wahlberg does a similar sketch. You can watch the original Andy Samberg impression over at the NBC website, and in case you don't understand why it's funny, it's because Wahlberg really does talk like that! It's a stupid sketch set up to display Samberg's impression.

Over at The Movie Blog, John has posted October predictions of the Oscars, and I have to say, his Best Picture list isn't bad: WALL-E (it's about time another animated film is up for Best Picture), In Bruges (as John writes, "tragically underrated"), Burn After Reading, The Dark Knight, and Son of Rambow. It's an interesting post that notes that The Soloist has been pushed back and The Changeling is getting mixed reviews, so maybe the Oscars might actually open up to include mainstream blockbusters and animation in their oft-stuffy Best Picture category. But... probably not.

2009: A Space Odysseus? Reportedly, Brad Pitt is in talks to play a sci-fi version of Odysseus. Considering my love for science-fiction and the Classics, this should be right up my alley. But considering how Hollywood destroys Classical stories and the way Pitt portrayed Achilles in one of my least favorite films, Troy, I just can't get behind this idea. And, oh yeah, this movie was already made, and it's called 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Kubrick made a parallel allegory to The Odyssey that, I guarantee, is far superior than anything Hollywood will make today. Of course, O, Brother Where Art Thou? comes in at a not-close-at-all second.

And lastly, to end on a good note, here's the most fabulous news I've heard in a while: Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and Alec Baldwin will star in a Rom-Com. It's fabulous because, of course, the actors, but it's also fantastic because it bothers me that most rom-coms are targeted towards 13-25 year olds. What's funnier than these two actors vying for Streep's love and affection? It will be written and directed by Nancy Meyers, who wrote and directed Father of the Bride.


Goddessdster said...

The only reason anyone should watch Troy is for the hand-to-hand fight scene between Hector and Achilles. Most single-person fights are so over-cut and obviously fake looking. That one was well done, in my opinion. Plus, I hate to state the obvious, but Pitt is so pretty as Achilles, I think my husband fell a little in love with him.

WALL-E is still my favorite film of the year. It will most likely win Best Animated Film, which is a crock of shit category. Whatever.

keyser soze said...

Hmm, for single-hand combat, I'd have to recommend Gladiator, which is a total rip-off of Spartacus but that double-sword decapitation was just so awesome. The only reason to watch Troy is for Eric Bana as Hektor -- the greatest male character from Classic literature. Sigh. I heart Hektor.

I don't think Best Animated is a bad category because I don't think the Academy will judge animated films in the same vein as live-action films for a very long time. WALL-E is the closest animated film to a live-action one I've seen in a long time -- excluding, of course, the exaggerated and cartoonish depiction of humans -- because the story was sweet, the character development was pitch-perfect, and it was insightful as much as it was mushy. I definitely agree that it's the best movie I've seen all year -- although In Bruges definitely has a place in my heart.