Monday, November 24, 2008

arrested development movie in the works?

News broke out at the end of last week about Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard closing the deal on making an Arrested Development movie. This is one of those things that goes into rotation every six months -- along with a Serenity sequel or a Veronica Mars movie -- but now there seems to be concrete evidence that this will happen. According to Kristin at E!, someone's holding out on signing, and all signs point to Michael Cera, but truth be told, as much as I adore the character of George Michael and his glorious awkwardness, I wouldn't miss Cera terribly. This show really is about the adults. Would the movie be a hundred times funnier if Cera was in it? Yes. But the movie will already be ten thousand times funny, so what's another hundred added into the mix?

Arrested Development is one of my favorite shows -- in fact, I think it's surpassed The Office as my favorite comedy. (Sometimes having a shorter life can actually help benefit a program. No one ever tired of Arrested, and I'm getting tired of The Office, especially after this past week's episode.) So in honor of this mind-blowingly awesome news (and I do mean awesome in the Godly sense), here are some clips. If you have not been converted, perhaps these will bring you over to the side of awesomeness.

My favoritest scene from television. Seriously.

Mrs. Doubtfire meets Mary Poppins

"You're killing me, Buster!" My second favoritest thing.

Justice cannot be blind... Okay, my third favoritest thing.

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