Wednesday, November 19, 2008

favorite trailers: revolutionary road

I absolutely love movie trailers. In fact, I could spend two hours at the theater just watching movie trailers. Trailers have to construct a narrative, develop relatable (or at the very least intriguing) characters, provide visual representation of what the film experience will be like, and lure in the audience in a matter of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I think in today's ADHD society -- and I completely blame MTV -- people overlook the wonderful creative process of editing and sound mixing. Thankfully, trailers are recognized by the Golden Trailer Awards (they have categories for Best Voiceover!), so not all is lost. Below are four of my favorite recent trailers.

Revolutionary Road: I'm not even going to explain what this movie is about because I feel like the first trailer already provided that information (you can read a good synopsis of Richard Yates' 1962 novel here at Wikipedia). But how brilliant is the split screen? Go back and rewatch it. Pay attention to what's being shown on each side in juxtaposition with each other. And Cat Powers' "Sea of Love" song is perfect for this trailer -- it's dreamy, uncomplicated, romantic... and yet, secretive, nostalgic, and haunting. Sam Mendes, you may have won me back.

Little Children: Two words -- choo choo. That child's train is one of the most suspenseful things I've ever seen in a montage of this nature. The movie is about an affair in suburbia... but it's so, so much more, and this trailer definitely alludes to the type of experience you'll have while watching this movie. This film gets better on repeat viewings, as does this trailer.

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The Fountain: My all-time favorite trailer... for one of my favorite movies. I swear, this movie was made specifically for me. Just me.

Australia: I heart Baz Luhrmann. I heart Hugh Jackman. I heart beautiful cinematography. Other than The Fountain, I can't think of a single trailer that has really reminded me of why I love films so much, why I'm making them part of my career. Movies can be great -- they can be cathartic, they can imagine better realities for us, they ask questions and sometimes provide answers -- but, specifically, I love films because of their universal humanitarian themes. Love and nature. Difference and likeness. Old world and new world. Of course, these themes are held together by a really strong story, and Australia definitely has all of these. It is going to be -- and I do not use this word lightly -- epic.

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