Thursday, November 20, 2008

mad men haikus

Normally I detest reading posts on (people write such hateful things online -- perhaps because they are hidden by a removal from personal interaction?), but I came across a thread for the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed, Mad Men, and found some delightful haikus. Of course, some of these won't make sense if you are not caught up on the episodes, but perhaps they're still enjoyable simply for being haikus. You can read the entire thread here.
Jane writes poetry.
She is so "old with wisdom."
STFU, Jane.

Have fun out West Don?
Was your tryst with Joy worth it?
Oh... Kurt's a homo.

Fred Rumsen loves scotch.
The soothing warmth down his throat
or is that... his leg?

Paul, the ascot, pipe
and the beard make you look like
a pretentious ass.

Mad Men's done for now
How are you coping without?
My TV sits blank

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