Sunday, December 28, 2008

"how to irritate people" with john cleese

Pepperpots at the cinema.

My favorite lines:
"His hat is green!"
"It's a fire station! That's why the door was red!"
"Oooh. Well, I'd never."

Irritation by pretending to be considerate.

Airplane pilots having a bit of fun

Favorite lines:
"I spy with my little eye... something beginning with the letter S." "Sky?" "Mmm-hmm."
"The wings are NOT on fire."
"...but do not unfasten your safety belts."

The pepperpot wants the battleship...

Favorite lines:
"I'm 92! ... I'm 96! ... I'm 103! Today!"
"What do horses eat?" "Meat!" "No." "Other horses."
"I'm 943!"

And, because I'm in a generous mood, here's my favorite Monty Python sketch (from Flying Circus).

"He's not pining!"

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