Tuesday, March 17, 2009

website: film in the blanks

At Film the Blanks, this artist, John Taylor, has created these abstract movie poster homages. I will post the film titles in a couple of days, but in the meantime, see if you can figure out which film they belong to. It's surprising how you can still recognize an image even as abstract as these are. Eventually, there will be a shop where you can purchase limited edition, signed screen prints of selected "blanks." My fingers are crossed for some of the Kubrick prints!

Thanks to Mattson Tomlin for the heads up!


---- said...

Greetings, I am ---- aka John. John Taylor.

I run FILM THE BLANKS and I alone am the artist responsible for the blog, the shop and all the works displayed both here and on the site itself.
Go to the site and click 'contact' see which name appears in your email...

I can assure you it will not be Axton's.

I would appreciate it if you could correct your error.

---- said...


Sorry to sound a bit arsey but I've put a bit of work into it so I just want my name mentioned when my work is.

Thanks for the mention though!

BTW the shop is up now - there is a Kubrick one in Series One...


keyser soze said...

Hey, no sweat about the earlier comment! In my original post, I actually requested the name of the artist (since I couldn't seem to figure it out on my own -- which can be attributed to either my inability to click around your website or sheer stupidity), so I'm happy that you've contacted me so that I can make sure that you get the credit. They are absolutely brilliant works.

I will definitely be checking out your shop soon!